RCD Tools

A comprehensive solution for car radios and navigationservice (read code, unblock, repair, reset counter).

Installation a distance par teamviewer

Martech Radio Code Decoding Tools (RCD Tools)

RCD Tools is a software for unlocking car radios and navigations.

It's all-in-one solution used by experts and beginners also.

Major functions:

reading radio code, resetting counter tries, repairing memory contents (Fujitsu_ten,Gelhad,Grundig,Opel,Hitachi,Chrysler,BMW,Reanult,Seat,Audi,VW,Skoda,Alpine,Honda,Jaquar,mercedes-Benz,Kia,RangRover,Volvo,BMW,Deawoo,Anatel,Audiovox,Autosound,Suzuki,Renault,Fiat,Daihatsu,Becker,Interconti,JVC,Haitai,Harman-Becker,Kenwood,LG,Marantz_Company,Matsushita,Suzuki,Medion,Panasonic,Philips,Mazda,Toyota,Citroen,Smart,VDO,Delphi,MGR Rover itd...

generating unlock code from serial number (Becker, Blaupunkt, BMW, Clarion, Daewoo, Ford, Grundig,Philips, Renault, Visteon, Famar,Chrysler,Ford M,L series)

build-in K-Line protocol (used for reading codes from Delco CDR500 / CDR2005)

unlocking car navigations (Audi, VW, Mercedes, Seat, Sony - by SDA/SCL or by serial number)

fast code read/write by using test points on radio pcb (you don't need to take off

radio mechanism for reading memory - code)

over 2000 models supported

deleting LOCKED and LOCK13 problems in Ford units

Additional functions:

build-in hex editor (files editor)

SWAP procedure for files with reverse bytes saved

model searching for fast finding

auto updates function - no need to browse for new versions

access to support area with files, instructions, photos - directly from RCD Tools

our software/hardware wasn't never cloned ! (we are for over than 15 years on the market)

unlocking untypical radios and navigations, very good technical support on http://martech.pl/forum

Terms and conditions to run activation:

- you need to have Martech Box III

After one year, it's blocked:

access to activation updates

access to help.martech.pl

access to the section on the forum ( thematic section )

technical support

access to server

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