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accelerates repair operations in workshops.


A truck must be able to handle business-critical transports on a 24/7 basis. So fast, accurate error detection and correction is crucial for service technicians.


The Bluetooth module is a solid, reliable solution that currently is used in thousands of repair shops worldwide. Launching new functions, features, and technologies in existing solutions is always a challenge.


The wireless connection allows you to:

- Carry out Active Diagnosis by local checking the activation and the working of the components without the help of other operators.

- A better ergonomy during diagnosis operation without the hindrance and limitations of the cable.

- Check the parameters of the vehicle on-board systems during the dynamic.


Technical specifications:

Weight: 500 g

Dimension: 175x75x30 mm

Power supply: 6-32V

Connection interfaces: USB and RS232 standard, Bluetooth (optional)


Compatible software:  Iveco E.A.SY. 12.1 [2016]


Supported languages: Italian, Spanish, French, English, German, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Russian, Korean


E.A.SY (Electronic Advanced System) - allows simple diagnosis of the various electronic control units on the vehicle, using a communications module (ECI). E.A.SY. software interface is designed to facilitate access to tools, view functions and make diagnostic procedures clear and adaptable to various needs. The software for the E.A.SY platform provides a single, intuitive interface, through which it is possible to consult a guide to repairs organised by symptom.


With this service tool you can:

• Make active ECU diagnostic;

• Make parameter programming;

• Perform engine tests;

• View wiring diagrams.

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