Original Wellon SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS Universal USB Programmer

SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS programmer is High-speed FPGA driven hardware for ultra-fast programming, designed for versatile multi-applications, You have freedom to choose the optimum mode for your programming demands.
SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS Universal USB Programmer Top 3 Reasons To Get SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS Programmer 1. Patented I / O port drive technology, eliminate IC programming burning Due to universal programmers are requires compatible chips, the requirements for the programming I / O port has been raised to a high level.Brand-new I / O port drive technology enables each I / O port of the universal programmer to pass high-speed signals, suppress overshoot brought by the high-speed signal, protect over-current, provide adequate and sustained output current, bear bus collision and has the ability of quickly recovering from conflict status. 2. ICP online programming, makes it easier to use and more flexible Separate ICP download line interface is able to program chips on the circuit board online. While the offline programming mode ICP, without connecting to a computer, users only need to get the data stored in the built-in DOM. With few ICP scattered lines, it is potable for the spot debugging or a program upgrade. 3. Massive IC support, provides timely timing upgrade The SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS programmer is now compatible with various types of MCU / Flash / CPLD / FPGA chips, etc relies on good relationships with the major manufacturers. It also provides a variety of new chips programming ability accurately and timely which will satisfy our customers' needs to greatest extent. SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS Specification: Type SmartPRO 5000U-Plus Support device EPROM, Paged EPROM, parallel and serial EEPROM, FPGA Serial configuration PROM, NOR FLASH and NAND FLASH reservoir, BPROM, NVRAM,CPLD, MCU, Firmware HUB, ARM. standard logic devices(TTLCMOS) etc, device operating voltage:1.8~9V Encapsulation DIP, SDIP, PLCC, JLCC, SOIC, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, VQFP, TSOP, SOP, TSOPII, PSOP, TSSOP, SON, EBGA, FBGA, VFBGA, ??BGA, CSP, SCSP etc Online communication interface USB 2.0(High Speed) Configuration Options adaptor, CF card Power Input AC 100V-240V/47-63Hz Power Output 12V/2A Dimension-Main Unit 280mm*170mm*57mm (L*W*H) Built-in DOM 32Mb*1(default) CF card 1(optional) Operating system Windows NT/2000/XP/Win7/VISTA SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS software is lifetime free update. Package including: 1pc x New SmartPRO 5000U Programmer 1pc x USB Cable 1pc x CD Software 1pc x Power Adapter
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